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If you are feeling exhausted or under the influence of alcohol, give us a call and our driver will take you home in a comfort of your own car, safely. Drive You and Your Car Home Safe With Our Experienced And Friendly Team.....
Call Tony on 027 471 0 471 or Call Kevin on 04 499 88 44 (Had one) Cheapest & Greatest Driver service in Wellington, Hutt Valley & Porirua.

We are a friendly team of drivers from Wellington who are qualified with Passenger endorsement license with over 15 years of experience in Shuttle Business. ​ We Provide our Services around Wellington Region, Porirua and Hutt Region. Pre-bookings required for Paraparamu and Wairarapa Region.

Dial a Driver Wellington

Why Dial a Driver Wellington?

Responsible drinkers don’t drive…we all know this, but you may find yourself in an unanticipated social event where you are drinking, yet you have your car with you. What can you do? Take a taxi and collect your car the next day? What a waste of time and money…simply call Dial a Driver Wellington 24-7 and a professional and experienced driver will come and drive you home in your own car.

Dial a Driver Wellington 24-7 team of drivers are here so you can still go out and enjoy yourself, but do so in a way that will get you home in a safe and affordable way.

  • A Fully Qualified Team
  • Affordable Price / No Hidden Fees
  • We Pick You Up Faster
  • 15 years of experience
  • 24/7 Wellington Region
  • Eftpos & Visa Accepted

How Dial a Driver Wellington 24-7 Works?

We are a convenient and affordable solution for you to safely get to your destination in the comfort of your own vehicle.


Call us at 027 471 0 471 any time when you need a service, our representative will help you.


Our professional driver will arrive on time at your location to pick you up. Driver will give you a call when he arrives at your location so he can meet you at the front door


This will let a user know the exact time he will board the car.

Pay by Credit card

Pay by Etpos, Credit Card, Cheque or talk to our team to set up an account with us.

We Accept

  • dial a driver welington etpos payment

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