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Dial a Driver Wellington 24-7

If you have been out for a night on the town, airport, corporate event, bar or party and don’t want to risk the consequences of driving under the influence, Dial a Driver Wellington 24-7 is here to help. At Dial a Driver Wellington 24-7, we'll come to you no matter where you are (additional rates apply for out-of-town locations). Simply provide us your details. We'll pick you up from your location. You will never have to worry about having a safe, Dial a Driver Wellington.

01 Drive your car Home Safely if you think you have exceeded your Alcohol limit.

02 Drive your car to a safe location if you get your License suspended.
03 Moving your Car safely from one location to another.
04 Organizing Towing Service.
05 Jump Start your Vehicle from $25, depends on traveling distance.
06 Deliver your car from/to Airport.
07 Deliver/Return your Camper van to your desired location.